Glenn Warren as a RE/MAX Green REALTOR

Glenn is committed to operating an environmentally friendly, green real estate business. 

Glenn’s personal goal is to leave a smaller environmental footprint than all his friends.


Glenn cares about our environment, the air we breathe and the water we drink.  Glenn wants to leave a green earth for his children and grandchildren to enjoy. Glenn is committed to the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  If you care about the environment, Glenn wants you to do business with you, because he cares about the environment as well.


Some initiatives Glenn’s office has taken include:


  1. Electricity Use: We want to limit our electricity consumption.  We have mostly energy efficient lighting throughout the office, this means either we have compact fluorescent lighting or T 8 Electronic Fluorescent lighting. We turn off our exterior sign during the daylight hours to reduce our electricity usage.  We turn off our electric hot water tank after hours plus all the interior lights.  We also make sure our computers are turned off at night and the photocopier is set to a “power save” mode so less electricity is used when someone is actually not photocopying.

  2. Paper, newsprint, cardboard, glass, metal and plastic:  All six of these items are recycled on a consistent basis.

  3. Food Waste: Most food waste from our office does not end up in the landfill. Rather, we compost our food scraps through the city’s compost program turning our waste into fertile soil.

  4. RE/MAX and Carbon offset credits: Many times buying or selling a house requires considerable driving time.  Often this driving time contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.  I will buy carbon offset credits to “compensate” the environment for the amount of green house gas emissions that occurred during your home’s sale or purchase.  Please ask me for details if you would like this service.

  5. Reduction of paper waste: We do our best to reduce excess paper waste through scanning and e-mailing documents whenever possible and printing on both sides of the paper.

  6. Recyclables: Beverage containers like pop cans, and juice jars are recycled as well as metal and plastic containers.

  7. Clothing; we are an avid supporter of the Annual REALTORS® Care Blanket Drive for the homeless.  We collect blankets, jackets and other clothing items for the homeless and ensure they are donated to needy individuals.

What it means to be a Green RE/MAX agent

Glenn Warren
Glenn Warren
#101, 2806 Kingsway Vancouver BC V5R 5T5