Tips for selling your House, Townhouse or Condominium

Top 5 Issues in Preparing Your Home

Top 10 Mistakes in Preparing Your Home


RE/MAX Fit To Sell

What do you need to do, to get your home “Fit To Sell?” The following are informative videos by a professional home stager on how to maximize the value you receive from buyers.

Deal Makers for Home Buyers

FAQ on Preparing Your Home to Sell

Features of Your Home

Preparing Your Home for the Right Buyer

Top 10 Ways to Improve Salability

Turning Your Home into a Model Home

Why a Home Doesn't Sell

10 Major factors affecting your home sale

Air Quality

Curb Appeal



Furniture Placement & Lighting

Home Inspection

Main Selling Rooms


Pre-packing, Clutter & Editing

Updates & Repairs

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